Acrylic Nail Service

Acrylic nails have been a long time staple of the beauty industry and have contributed to their continued popularity in today's modern age. At our nail salon, we apply acrylics which create a hard protective layer over your natural nails. When exposed to air, your acrylic nails harden and provide a perfect platform for the specialists at our spa.

Acrylic nails make short nails look long and also make your fingers look long and slender. The removal process is pretty straightforward when handled by one of our manicure and pedicure experts. You can also fix it yourself at home if it is a simple break. You can take the paint off by soaking them in water, rather than filing them. When done correctly and with proper care, acrylic nails, as well as our other nail design services can last a long time and are very robust. They are also affordable and cost less than gel nail application.

If you are looking for a professional acrylic nail service in Winston-Salem, NC, contact Nails Palace & Spa today!