​Gel Nail Service

If you are looking for a high-end nail salon, Nails Palace & Spa is dedicated to making your nails look great while maintaining the health of your nails. Our nail salon offers a new quality nail service that have many residents in Winston-Salem, NC feeling more glamorous than ever.

Our gel nails are the most popular nail design services we do. Just like regular nail polish, gel polish is applied with your color of choice and bottle brush. One applied, it is dried with a UV light to bring out the color’s ultimate shine. Gel nails will last longer, strengthen your nails and leave your nails looking great for weeks! You can get this polish on your acrylic nails or on your natural nails! Either way, gel polish has been the new hot commodity when it comes to fabulous nail design.

If you are looking for something new, try out our gel nail service, which require little upkeep and are affordable! Come visit our nail salon and call Nails Palace & Spa in Winston-Salem, NC today! We can provide an excellent pedicure service and manicure service.